“A foreign buddy has arranged a gathering today. You’re constantly attempting to raise your language degree — why don’t you go beside me?” “OK real women online.” Two young women can be depicted in a poster campaign called “Dangerous Love”? that appeared in domestic communities all over Beijing.

Whenever Yu Hongna, a 24-year-old graduate pupil in English language and literary works, informed her mom she ended up being dating A uk man, her mom had been wary. “She warned me personally to not be deceived by way of a honey that is foreigner’s, as well as may be bad guys,” stated Yu.

Nonetheless it’s perhaps maybe maybe not simply parental approval that Yu has got to be worried about. The Chinese federal government it self is cautioning women to consider twice before taking up with boyfriends from overseas.

Handsome gents from abroad, authorities state, are in the prowl for girls with use of state secrets. To mark China’s first National that is annual Security Day earlier in the day this month, propaganda officials plastered particular areas associated with the money by having a poster campaign called “Dangerous Love” warning of devious Don Juans lurking inside their midst.

The 16-panel cartoon illustrates a red-haired, bespectacled, pointy-nosed foreigner known as David who claims to become a “visiting scholar” and hits up a relationship with a fairly civil servant called minimal Li, whoever work is always to write reports for main Communist Party decision-makers.

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